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  • Since 1972, KORKMAZ produces stainless steel kitchenware products and small electrical household appliances. As time passes, we kept our products updated with the most recent advanced technology. Like this, Korkmaz succeeded in increasing its presence in the market.
  • Within 48 years, KORKMAZ has shown an important change in a very significant way, and its mission became to be identified as a top brand around the world.
  • KORKMAZ always aimed at producing the best and newest design suitable to all. The global market shows an unstoppable development and we believe that the best way to answer to the needs of the consumer is to know the requirements first.
  • All our products are conformed to international health and quality norms. Korkmaz is present in over 90 countries.


Produce the best, the prettier and the most suitable for people…

Korkmaz started in 1972 in a workshop of 50 M2 and today operates with its two factories located in Istanbul and Kocaeli with a production area of 42,000 M2 with over 1,200 employees.

Korkmaz produces all Kitchenware in the modern innovated Factory of 13.500 M2 located in Kocaeli and the electrical appliances and non-stick products are produced in the factory located in Istanbul of 28.500 M2


Korkmaz was founded in 1972 in a 50 M2 workshop. Originally Korkmaz produced; Jugs, Tea Plates and Tea spoons. Later production was moved to Bayrampaşa and Kucukkoy respectively. The production capacity of our factories since 2009 in Kocaeli & Sarigazi amount to 1,875,000 pieces annually. The production ratio is 73% cooking products, 19% Electrical appliances and the rest is for Kitchen Accessories and Tableware products.


1972 – Korkmaz was founded in a 50 M2 workshop

1980 – Moved to Bayrampasa (800 M2)

1988 – Moved to Factory in Kucukkoy (5000 M2)

1988 – Production started for Small Electrical Appliances

1990 – Korkmaz started to export its products

1997 – Moved Stainless Steel production to Kocaeli (12.500 M2)

2001 – Exports with the name of KORKMAZ to 90 countries

2004 – Small electrical appliances production moved to factory in Istanbul (13.500 M2)

2009 – Korkmaz  was considered the No.1 brand producer of Stainless Steel Pots and Pans in Turkey. 1.500.000 units annually

2009 – Kocaeli Factory Stainless Steel Production Capacity : 6000 Units /per day

2009 – Sarıgazi Factory Small Electrical appliances Production Capacity : 3000 Units /per day

2015 – Factory for Non-Stick products & Electrical Appliances was inaugurated in Tuzla. Close production area of 28.500 M2 with a capacity of 5000 Units /day for electrical appliances and 5000 units /day for Non-stick products

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