Ornella Alu. Frypan 26×5 cm / 2.5 l.


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• Size: 26×5 cm / 2.5 Litres.
• Excellent adhesion on internal and external surfaces.
• Extra resistance to scratching.
• Environment-friendly production technology.
• Easy to clean.
• Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it provides high cooking performance even in low heat.
• It makes more tasty dishes by using less fat than other types of cookware.
• Manufactured from recyclable materials.
• Do not use metal hardware while cooking or cleaning.
• Induction Compatible.
• Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
• The Ornella cooker series is build with the Solar Base base system that provides the highest heat transfer on any type of cooker and saving time and energy.

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Ornella Alu. Frypan 26x5 cm / 2.5 l.


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